Sergio Marone

Sergio Marone

Actor, TV Presenter and Producer

Brazilian actor and TV presenter with 19-Plus years career, having acted in more than 8 films in cinema, 15 TV Series and miniseries on TV, and 5 theatre plays.

In 2015, he devoted himself to playing the villain Ramses, achieving both national and international public and critical acclaim starring in the telenovela The Ten Commandments on Record TV – broadcast in several countries across three continents. 

Recently, Sergio Marone starred in the telenovela Apocalypse also on Record TV, giving life to a contemporary Antichrist in another important role of his career.  Back In 2011, Sergio acquired the film rights to the novel Jesus Kid by Lourenço Mutarelli, which was shot in the first half of 2019. In addition to have starred in the film, Jesus Kid marks the actor’s debut as a film producer.