Stucky Talents

Talents Agency + Design

Celebrities Appearances, Master of Cerimonies, Digital Influencers, Talks, Corporate Music Concerts, Styling, Social Media and Graphic Design.

It is our philosophy to provide personal touches and care at the forefront of all we do – supported by high level of technology and constant updating.

Our studio aims at the prospection and negotiation of contracts for traditional and digital advertising campaigns, celebrities appearances, events, fashion shows, concerts and masters of ceremony and other opportunities directly or through collaboration with talents’ agents and legal representatives as well as with important Event and Press Agencies Studios.

A Web & Graphic Design and Marketing Studio, complements our services with tailor made multilingual solutions to fulfil expression needs, exposure and corporate image demands for the Entertainment Industry:

  •  Websites, graphics and Media Kit
  • Comp Cards and Styling
  • Video Reels
  • Setting up of Vimeo, IMDb and YouTube Channels and casting platforms
  • Setting up of Social Media Platforms [Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others]
  • Press Releases Writing
  • Curation and creation of content for organic and sponsored posting demands
  • Specialised translations in Portuguese, Italian and English
  • You name it!